Spring / Summer Show


Approximately 200 exhibitors who are wholesalers, importers or distributors of fashion accessories and apparel items, with 600 plus product lines, will be presented at the Mode Accessories Show in Toronto.

The following is a premliminary list of exhibitors as of December 27, 2018.  The list will be updated as additional exhibitors are confirmed.

Floor Plans (Plans are accurate as of January 15, 2019)

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Exhibitor List:

Crystale Jewellery Inc

Booth: 2121
Handbags, Jewellery, Scarves, Small Leathergoods, Wallets, Watches

Cymbo Accessories Inc

Booth: 4000
Apparel, Gloves, Handbags, Hats, Scarves, Small Leathergoods, Wallets

Dana Henning Jewellery

Booth: 1201

Daniel Pollak Accessories

Booth: 2230

DaVan Co.

Booth: 2201
Handbags, Small Leathergoods, Wallets

Designs by Malu Inc

Booth: 1044
Apparel, Handbags, Jewellery, Shoes, Small Leathergoods, Wallets

Divana Inc.

Booth: 1213

DK Company

Booth: 2508
Apparel, Scarves, Shoes

Dosail Canada Corp

Booth: 2500
Handbags, Hats, Small Leathergoods, Wallets

Earthline Jewellery

Booth: 2803
Jewellery, Sterling/semi-precious

Editor Agency

Booth: SL13

EL-KA International Inc

Booth: 1600
Belts, Hair Accessories, Jewellery, Scarves

Elan 'Ore Inc.

Booth: 1901
Apparel, Jewellery, Sterling/semi-precious

Element Earth

Booth: 2126
Jewellery, Sterling/semi-precious

Elite Fine Imports

Booth: 2223

Elizabeth Burry Design

Booth: 2020

EMK Clothing

Booth: 2316

ESPE Vegan Corp

Booth: 2610, 2610A
Handbags, Small Leathergoods, Wallets

Evershine Canada

Booth: 1514
Handbags, Jewellery, Sterling/semi-precious

Exotica Craft

Booth: 1905
Apparel, Handbags, Shoes